Administrating a Rotary Club effectively is very important. Effective administration means you will have more time for the fun side of being a Rotarian! What are the goals your club wants to achieve in the next year and in 3 to 5 years? Develop a plan, set achievable goals and decide how they will be achieved. The year ahead then takes on a purpose and members gain a sense of achievement and 'doing good' in their communities. 'Doing good' is why we become Rotarians.  The second part of this resource will give you some information on how to conduct effective club meetings. Hope you find it useful!

3. Managing meetings effectively

3.3. Board meetings

Board roomGetting ready:

    • circulate the minutes and actions from the previous meeting soon after the meeting
    • develop your agenda with your secretary and ask members of the Board for agenda items. Circulate the agenda to Board members prior to the meeting
    • allow enough time to address all items on the agenda
    • hold a special Board meeting if there are issues that need to be addressed between meetings
    • Board meetings should be held monthly or as per the Club bylaws
    • make sure you have a quorum as per your Bylaws