Board roles and responsibilities

The management of a Rotary Club is the responsibility of the Board. The Board should ensure that the Club:

    • meets the requirements of Rotary International
    • is compliance with proper governance including:
      •  an up to date Constitution and Bylaws
      • requirements to ensure members are covered by insurance when undertaking Rotary functions (including risk assessment)
      • meeting the requirements of Child Protection guidelines
    • conducts meetings and relays information to members

4. Club committees

4.4. Service projects

Your role as club service projects chair is to help your club identify and meet real needs in your community and around the world by developing and implementing service projects.

    • Plan, implement, and evaluate projects.
    • Identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase your club’s impact on the community.
    • Work with other organisations, volunteers and committee members to maximise the impact of your projects.
    • Lead efforts to fundraise for projects.
    • Understand liability issues that could affect your club’s projects.
    • Work with the public image committee to promote projects. 
    • Collaborate with other clubs on projects.
    • Highlight club projects in Rotary Showcase.

Possible subcommittees 

    • International
    • Community
    • Vocational
    • New generations and youth
    • Fundraising (for club projects)


Job description

Service projects committee manual

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