Setting up and using ClubRunner

3. Website development

3.4. Pages

There are several types of pages available:

  • A custom page is a standalone, single page that can be linked to and from the menu or any links widget. The content and layout of custom pages can be designed just like your home page, using the Page Designer.
  • A site page is a convenient way to create multiple pages in a section of your website. Use this to create a subsite, with its own side navigation menu to include links, files, subpages and related (nested) site pages. Please note: in a site page you cannot use widgets.  Only text, links, images and video.

More information on custom and site pages. 

  • Built in pages. Built-in pages are system created pages that update automatically when you update your ClubRunner. The built-in pages include Contact Us, Sign Up, Calendar, Events, Bulletin list, Story list, Speakers, Download Files, Photo Albums and Club Executives. 

More information on built in pages