Setting up and using ClubRunner

2. Getting started

2.1. How ClubRunner works

ClubRunner is a platform build for Rotary Clubs to manage the day to day running of a club:

  •  It provides a website designer to help you build a professional website
  • A database for member information that integrates with the District Website and My Rotary. So when you change the data in your site it updates the District Site and Rotary International. It does not work in reverse ie updating information in My Rotary does not update your ClubRunner site
  • Email
  • Document, image and photo storage
  • Contacts are not members but may be volunteers or friends of your club, or involved in your projects. You can create lists of contacts to inform them of projects and/or events
  • Reporting on the functions of your club
  • Bulletin development that can be send via email very easily
  • Financial management-generates dues and bills and emails out. These then integrate with the financial package Quickbooks