11. There are 5 areas that mentorship helps with a members engagement:

Skill set word art

1.    It provides more opportunities for training and development by tapping into the knowledge of your more knowledgeable members.

2.    Mentorship gives members a voice to speak with leadership, thus breaking down barriers to communication.

3.    Both mentors and mentees are given the opportunity to prove themselves by putting into practice what they discuss during their mentoring sessions. 

4.    Engagement is closely tied with working relationships. Mentorship builds the social ties that keep members from getting discouraged and encourages a growth mindset. 

5.    Mentorship holds mentors and mentees accountable to the commitments they make to one another. Making a commitment to grow with a mentor makes it harder to procrastinate doing what needs to be done to improve.

Mentorship enhances members engagement because it gives high performers personal and professional development.

 It satisfies their desire for progression and the development of their knowledge and skillsets. 

Mentorship is the antidote for disengagement. To re-engage members, encourage them to meet regularly with a mentor who will provide them with feedback and act as a sounding board for them to discuss their goals and challenges to overcome to reach them.