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6. Rotary Clubs

6.2. Different types of clubs

Traditional Rotary Club

Professionals and aspiring leaders who meet regularly for service, connections, and personal growth. People looking for connections, service opportunities, and traditions.

Satellite Club

A Rotary club sponsored by a traditional club but with its own meetings, projects, bylaws, and board. Those who want a club experience or meeting format or time other than what’s offered by the traditional clubs in the area


A club that primarily meets online. People who travel frequently, whose schedules make it difficult to meet in person, or who prefer an online experience.

Passport Club

A Rotary club that allows members to attend other Rotary club meetings as long as they attend a specified number of meetings in their own club each year. People who travel frequently, or those who enjoy trying a variety of club experiences and meeting lots of new people.

Corporate Club

A club whose members (or most of them) work for the same employer. Employees of an organisation who want to come together to do good in their community.

Cause-Based Club

A club whose members are passionate about a particular cause and focus their service efforts in that area. People who want to connect with others while addressing a particular set of problems.

Alumni-Based Club

A club whose members (or most of them) are former Rotary or Rotary Foundation program participants. People who have participated in Rotary outside of a club.

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