7. New members

Asking your fellow members about people they know in the community who would be assets to the club is an important step in membership growth. Prospective members are likely to rely on the experiences and  opinions of their friends, family, or colleagues when considering joining an organisation like Rotary. Encourage others to invite prospective members to club meetings, service  projects, and events so they can see how your club helps the community and provides opportunities to form connections and friendships. It may take a few conversations or several visits for prospective members  to get a full understanding of Rotary and how they could benefit from membership. It’s important to allow that time to make sure that it’s a good fit for everyone involved.


In ClubRunner there is the ability to create a New Member Program. To find out more go to ClubRunner Support

new member orientation program


Prospective member exercise

Introducing new members to Rotary

Rotary basics

Creating a positive experience for prospective members