Compliance is important to keep members safe. Promoting Rotary is not just about branding guidelines, although they are important and there are some great resources in this topic to help you, it is also about the Rotary brand and what that means to the greater community.

7. Protection of members personal data

Each club should adopt a privacy policy that describes how the club handles the personal data it collects, stores, transmits, shares, disposes of, or otherwise uses. Personal data includes a person’s name, postal or email address, telephone number, gender, financial data, or other sensitive information that might identify him or her. To lean more, consult 'Protecting Personal Data', an online course found on Rotary’s Learning Center accessed through My Rotary. Please note: you need to sign on to the Learning Centre.

Although Rotary does not require clubs to have a privacy policy or to use this template, if your club has a privacy policy: 

  1. Club members, donors, and other club constituents will feel more confident about supporting your club. 
  2. It may help your club comply with local privacy laws.
  3. It may help your club be more consistent when handling personal data and records.