Compliance is important to keep members safe. Promoting Rotary is not just about branding guidelines, although they are important and there are some great resources in this topic to help you, it is also about the Rotary brand and what that means to the greater community.

6. Storage of records

Files and computerYour Secretary and Public officer are responsible for keeping your records. The Secreatry for the club records and Public Officer for legal documents.

There are several types of records:

    • Membership details
    • Club officer assignments
    • Club records such as:
      • The Clubs Constitution and Bylaws
      • Club agreements and contacts
      • Financial auditing reports
      • Board minutes.

 Where do they need to be kept? 

Membership details and club officer assignments should be kept up to date in the District Website (ClubRunner). This information is then automatically moved to My Rotary. This means that only one set of records needs to be maintained. This information needs to be kept up to date by the Club Secretary. 

Club files, a copy of the Constitution and ByLaws, club agreements and contracts should be kept in the Club Administration System (the may be an electronic system or paper-based) and kept for a minimum of 5 years. 

For more detailed information go to the My Rotary Learning Centre and search for the course 'Managing Club and Member Information'.