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6. Membership

6.5. Diversity

Group of diverse peopleDiversity refers to inclusion of people from many groups. It is a source of innovation as well as one of Rotary’s core values. Having members with different backgrounds and viewpoints gives your club a broader understanding of the community, its problems and possible solutions. Strive to have a group of members who offer the club diverse skills, talents and experiences. If your club includes different ethnicities, ages and cultures, as well as a good gender balance, it will have greater capacity to serve your community and communities around the world. Equally important is creating a culture of inclusion, where these differences are respected, supported and valued.


Diversifying your club

Representing your community professions

Learning centre courses

Go to the Rotary International Learning centre and login using your My Rotary username and password (be patient the site is a bit slow to load) and search for the following courses:

    • Committing to diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Building a diverse club