Setting up and using ClubRunner

4. More about ClubRunner

4.3. Email services

Using the email services in ClubRunner is very useful and a good idea for clubs as you can email members, contacts and create custom email groups.



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How to add an image to your email signature

Each year we have a new tagline and image for the Rotary Theme. It is good to be able to display this in your email signature.

  1. In your Club’s member area, click ‘Communication’ in the top blue bar
  2. Click ‘Email Services’ in the gray bar immediately below
  3. Click the orange ‘Compose new message’ button
  4. Create your custom signature using the text editor on the ‘Create Email’ page
  5. Once finished, select your signature and copy it (Right Click -> Copy, or Ctrl/CMD+C)
  6. Click ‘My ClubRunner’ in the top blue bar
  7. Click ‘My Profile’ in the gray bar immediately below
  8. Click the ‘Settings’ tab of your profile
  9. Click the blue ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Custom Email Signature’
  10. Paste in the signature you copied into the signature text editor (Right Click ->Paste, or Ctrl/CMD+V)
  11. Click save