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5. Vocational service

5.7. Vocational Training Team - VTT

Vocational training teams are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about a particular field or to learn more about their own. Teams can be funded by district grants and global grants.

In 2017, District 9675 sponsored an Emergency Services VTT to Vanuatu. This project increased the capacity of Vanuatu Emergency Service Agencies through training and maintenance of donated rescue equipment

Planning is underway for a VTT to Tonga: Emergency Services. Partnerships being established with South Australia Emergency Services, Tongan Government and Rotary, Rotary Districts in NZ & Japan. The Grant applications are being developed.

Benefits of VTTs

VTTs build on the Foundation’s long-standing commitment to vocational training. Activities vary from one team to the next but may include training medical professionals on cardiac surgery and care, sharing best practices on early childhood education, or explaining new irrigation techniques to farmers. A successful VTT increases the capacity of the host community to solve problems and improve the quality of life.

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