District projects

3. International

3.1. International special projects

International Special Projects 2020-21

Team Leaders: Vimla Hayman

Special Projects will be working to lift the profile of our District in the international arena.  We are aware of a number of Clubs who have undertaken work internationally and we want to expand this effort.  

First step, will be to develop a strategic plan or map, in consultation with Clubs.  This will include a list of projects (international or within Australia) which we can develop, support and encourage to apply for grants.

Our District will be following the RI platform for both international work and those projects chosen to benefit the Australian population (particularly in our Indigenous population).  The team will concentrate on the six areas of focus:  

    • Clean water, sanitation and hygiene
    • Fighting disease
    • Savings mothers and children
    • Supporting education
    • Growing local economies
    • Promoting peace
We would encourage Clubs and individual Rotarians to get in contact with us to capture any ideas they believe have merit in any of these areas. Those who are interested in exploring Global and District Grants from our Foundation follow the link below:  https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/grants