District projects

2. Community projects

2.2. Adopt a Town

The Rotary Adopt-A-Town Project began as a way of City Rotary Clubs reaching out to our country cousins to support the farmers and their towns.  

It involves:

  • Working Rotary to Rotary, Town to Town
  • Reaching further through Rotary Clubs 4 hours away who can reach further
  • Visit the town and stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, shop in shops
  • Sit down and talk to the Rotary Club and the farmers to find out what they want and how Rotary can help
  • What Projects can be done together?
  • Look at bringing families to the city for a holiday
The devastating bush fires along the East Coast of Australia, South Australia and Western Australia have promoted the expansion of the Project to now include all natural disasters:

  • Rotary will be there for the recovery
  • Form long term links to provide financial, material and emotional support
  • Run joint projects with multiple city Rotary Clubs to help areas affected
  • Look at running events in drought stricken and fire torn areas to attract tourists
Cathy Mansons presentation on Adopt a Town
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