District 9675 website 'MyDistrict' (ClubRunner)

The District 9675 website in built in a platform called 'ClubRunner'. This site is very important to you as a Rotarian as it contains your personal information and information about your club. In addition it is used to promote events and communicate with you and club executives.

District 9675 website

The District website is in aDistrict 9675 website platform called 'ClubRunner'. My Rotary is also built in ClubRunner and a number of clubs also have ClubRunner sites. 

ClubRunner is an integrated membership platform that combines all the services you need to connect, engage, build your web presence, improve communication, engage your members and deliver a better member experience through one centralised platform.

ClubRunner's processes are built around the workings of a Rotary Club and District. You can update your personal data in the District site. Presidents, secretaries and membership chairs have permission to update information in the District site. It is really important that this information is up to date. Publications such as the District Directory gather information about Rotarians and Clubs from the information in the District site. Also to communicate via email, through publications and in the events calendar.

Please note: If you enter your personal information and information about your club in the District website it will then be automatically go into My Rotary. You do not have to enter the information in both sites but it must be first entered into the District website. The same applies if your club has a ClubRunner site, you only need to enter the data in your site and it will automatically go into the District site and then into My Rotary.