Overview of the District Leadership Team

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Book: Overview of the District Leadership Team
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Date: Saturday, 2 December 2023, 3:40 PM

1. District leadership and governance

These are the officers who are accountable and responsible for the overall operation of the District. They meet regularly to manage and this can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly to ensure currency, accuracy, finances and priorities.

District leadership and governance

2. Assistant governors

Direct support and reporting between the District Governor, the President of each Club, their Boards and their members. Mentoring, counselling, accurate and timely communication to ensure information flows clearly, accurately and in a timely manner. Clubs directly report to Assistant Governors who directly connect and action with the District Governor and District Directors.

Assistant governors 2023

3. Committee of the Association (COTA)

Committee of the Association – COTA

This is chaired by the District Governor, usually meets monthly to address and ensure all business of the District is managed efficiently. All items are actioned in a timely manner, with the District Accounts presented and ratified at every meeting.


4. Governance committee

Responsible for all District policies, procedures and other accountable documents which need to be managed and kept up to date; to be in accordance with Rotary International Rules and Manual of Procedures (MOP).

Club governance 2023-24

5. District appointments

These are positions/roles who report directly to the District Governor and his/her team, where they do not fit with either of the above Committees or the Club District Committees/Chairs.

District appointments 2023-24

6. District chairs

Chairs each have a portfolio, with team members fulfilling roles that support the Clubs in their various activities, especially for the president, secretary and board members to the club members. These chairs and their team members provide information and support in a timely manner through the various channels of communication in the District, eg. District Governor Newsletters; website, projects; diary dates for the District, visits to Clubs etc.

District chairs